Science Spectacular Day

All of Prep 7 attended Cheltenham College’s Science Spectacular day where they were treated to a fantastic lunch in the grand dining hall before making their way to the theatre.  

The Chemistry department and sixth form pupils had set up an array of whizzes, pops and bangs to entertain, shock and inspire the pupils. Gasps and squeals of delight came from the audience as rockets flew through the air, snakes of fire wound their way down the stairs, Archie Robbins set fire to bottles of whooshing ethanol and Scarlett Baring changed the colour of chemicals with a simple shake. They also witnessed a sword fight using frozen bananas… as an exploding ball-pit resounded around the theatre.

Several Hatherop pupils enquired after how to source red phosphorous and potassium chlorate, whilst others promised to put liquid nitrogen on their Christmas list.

At the end of the Spectacular, the children were treated to a drink and snack as well as their own copy of a Periodic Table of Elements poster to stick over their bed and gaze longingly at.