Say queso! Meet our multilingual students

Say queso! If you have a child in Prep 5 and are heading out for tapas some time soon, you can relax knowing they will be able to do the ordering in Spanish. It seemed like we were on holiday again as the classroom was turned into a tapas bar and the children ordered, tasted and gave their verdict on a selection of tapas. Shame it was a little early for a ‘vinito’…

Elsewhere this term Prep 1 will be finding out about plants and nature in French, and Prep 6 are practising telling the time and finding out about the similarities and differences between going to School in France and England.

And in other news, we wish Prep 7 and Prep 8 bonne chance in their French assessments.

And finally, if your family is looking to brush up your French or maybe pick up the basics in another language ready for summer holidays, why not set a family challenge on Duolingo? Duolingo is a free app available for phone, tablet and PC. It is a lot of fun and has over 30 languages to choose from.