Rugby mania

I cannot welcome everyone back without mentioning the rugby! I am being a little presumptuous as I am writing this before the World Cup Final on Saturday. However, we are all hoping that England can capitalize on their superb victory over the All Blacks and go on to lift the Webb Ellis Cup having secured victory against the Springboks.

Whether they are victorious or not, I feel the way England have played their rugby provides an important lesson for us all.  I have always admired the respect rugby players show each other, the officials and the supporters. Despite being fiercely competitive and physical they still manage to behave respectfully and professionally and lead by example in their matches.

Respect is one of our Hatherop Values and during assemblies last half term, I reminded the children about the importance of showing respect to each other, our environment and ourselves. Respect is an important value for all of us. In our diverse, multicultural society, ‘mutual respect,’ is incredibly important (it is one of our British values) which can easily be lost or forgotten.

I share these 7 points with you all which, when followed enables us to show respect and understanding to each other.

REACH out to others and try to understand

EVERYONE deserves respect

SPEND time listening to someone’s point of view

POLITENESS should be at the heart of everything you do

EQUAL – everyone should be treated equally

CARE for others and be considerate and kind

TREAT others just the way you want to be treated

Ultimately for me, respect is about showing kindness, if we all go out of our way to show a little more kindness to each other, then respecting one another will come naturally.