Roman Bath visit – Prep 4 & Prep 6

Prep 4 and Prep 6 visit to the Roman Baths in Bath

On Monday 22nd January, Prep 4 and Prep 6 visited the Roman Baths in Bath as part of their History and Latin topics. The visit involved a tour of the museum which the children found fascinating. They had the chance to look at many Roman artefacts and really enjoyed seeing the remains of the original Baths. The tour culminated in a visit to the original Bath House, where the children were lucky enough to meet some Roman citizens, who were relaxing at the Baths!

All the children had workshop sessions. Prep 4 were able to handle original Roman artefacts that were around 2000 years old. Luckily nothing was dropped! They also learned how to put on a toga, for the boys, and a tunic and headscarf, for the girls. Finally, all the children tried their hand at making their own mosaics so that they could understand what a skilled job it was to create the beautiful Roman mosaics that were found in Roman buildings. Prep 6 had an Aquae Sulis workshop, where they used their developing knowledge of Latin to translate dedication stones. They also had the opportunity to handle artefacts and ask plenty of questions!

Prep 4 and Prep 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Baths and it was a perfect way to complement their education outside the classroom.