Prep 8 Team Building Camp!

Prep 8 Team Building Camp


Prep 8 spent three valuable days in Sussex under the tutelage of Steve and Nev of the Really Wild Group, where they learnt about leadership and survival skills. As Steve states to all of his students; ‘If you can survive in the wild with apparently no available resources, then you can certainly survive and thrive at school, at home and in your professional life too.’ The children were certainly tested and in return, learned a huge deal about themselves and the benefits of trusting their peers and working as part of a team.

The three days concentrated on developing their already well-honed Bushcraft skills and relating them to succeeding and thriving in their own environment and lives. They built shelters, cooked all of the meals and remarkably and with enthusiasm washed up! The three key words for the group were; improve, innovate and adapt; certainly words to enable all of our children and ourselves to navigate their way through an ever changing world.