Prep 8 share their Hatherop Castle musical stories

With so few of our usual musical events being possible this year, we have handed over this page of the Yearbook to some of our Prep 8 pupils. Here, they tell us something of their ‘musical stories’ during their time at Hatherop, giving us a chance to appreciate the impact music has had on their lives. We wish them well at their senior schools where music is certainly going to be a big part of their lives for some time to come. 

My music career at Hatherop

In the Autumn of 2013, I started doing piano lessons at Hatherop. At first, I wasn’t too confident, however, within a few weeks I began to get into the swing of it, and took my grade 1 three years later.

After that I moved to France for two years, and when I got back it was easy to pick up straight away from where I was in France. Not long after I returned, I achieved my grade 3 and then continued to improve and learn some much harder pieces, all the way up to grade 8 level. It has been a really great experience and I intend to continue to my music throughout my time at Senior School.

Music at Hatherop

Recently I received the news that I had achieved a music scholarship to Cheltenham College, this was amazing news and meant that all the hard work I had put in had not been in vain. To achieve this took a lot of perseverance and determination, especially when there were times when I needed to practise and really didn’t want to. The journey to getting my music scholarship has definitely taught me a lot about managing my time between school work and music which will prove to be useful when I start my new school in September.

Music has brought a lot of joy and excitement to my time at Hatherop.  I have especially loved performing in the many concerts we have at Hatherop and they have really given me the chance to show off all my hard work.  I will definitely carry my musical experience at Hatherop with me for the rest of my life as it has taught me so many useful and important life skills.

My musical journey

I started music lessons when I was in year four. My sister was always an amazing singer but I never really thought it was my thing. However, I was convinced to try out singing lessons and my first singing teacher was so supportive and patient with me. Ever since, I have loved singing and it has opened up so many more opportunities for me.

In Prep 6 I joined the choir which has definitely been a highlight for me during my time at Hatherop. It has given me the confidence to shine and stand out as well as working with other groups outside of my normal year group. The school play is also one of my favourite events at Hatherop because I get to sing in musicals, either as a soloist or with my friends. I’m thankful for all the help I’ve had here at Hatherop with music and cannot wait to continue at my Senior School.