Prep 7 visit to Warwick Castle

A beautiful spring day saw Prep 7 venture into the dark recesses of Warwick Castle dungeons to learn more about the Black Death and the effect it had on the inhabitants of the castle. Although all came out, many were certainly shaken and stirred by what transpired and by what they learned about this grim chapter in Britain’s history. On recovery, they set to work looking around the ramparts and grand halls, learning about the Earl of Warwick, Kingmaker during the wars of the Roses.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were complimented on their behaviour by no less than the Dungeon Jester!
Living history is vital in the learning experience of children and Prep 7 were treated to an extra exhibit as Terry Deary, author of the Horrible Histories books and general saviour of history teaching, was signing books in the Great Hall.