Prep 7 enjoy learning in their river classroom

Last Friday, as part of their Common Entrance project work, Prep 7 visited two sites on the River Coln between Coln St Aldwyns and Quennington. They conducted two experiments designed to show their knowledge and understanding of the transportation and erosion processes that effect river formation.

Firstly, in small groups they measure the speed of the river along a straight section. This involved dropping a ball into the water at 50cm intervals across the width of the river, and measuring the speed it takes the ball to travel 10m. The second experiment involved measuring the depth of the river across a meander, again at 50cm intervals.


All the children had made predictions about what they thought they would find, and the purpose of the experiments was to see if their predictions were correct, to explain why if they were not, and to consider the different processes they could see at work. Whilst they took this seriously and gathered a lot of evidence for their project, great fun was also had wading through the river and getting very wet!

A very enjoyable and educational afternoon for all!