Prep 6, 7 and 8 French Trip 2017

4 staff and 34 children have just returned from a perfect, sun-filled trip to Normandy. The chateau is a beautiful old Estate where the children can play outside virtually non-stop from morning ‘til night. There are rabbits to chase, peacocks to annoy and the days are packed with French activities, food and fun.

Each activity included a training session in French and the helpful ‘animateurs’ ensured everyone got the most from every day. Some of these included breadmaking (some beautiful creations were produced at supper time), Tir a l’arc, l’escalade, canoë and of course not forgetting the muddy obstacle course that is the ‘Parkours de Santé’. Prep 8 had the special honour of raft-building (Radeaux). Most entertaining to watch as bits of the boys raft fell off as it first entered the water. After being given the go-ahead to try and sabotage each other’s efforts, it all got very wet indeed!

Meals were another opportunity to talk more French. The friendly staff would introduce the menu, with us all repeating. Children took turns communicating with the kitchen staff ‘Je voudrais encore du pain, s’il vous plaît!’

A highlight of the trip was the walk across the bay to Mont Saint Michel. We crossed rivers, waded through clay and those brave enough experienced the strange feeling of sinking in quick sand. After about 3 hours we arrived at the mount, where we had a fascinating tour of the beautiful, Norman Abbey. As if that wasn’t enough fun for one day, we went home via an organic dairy farm making caramel.

That evening we were treated to the ‘grand spectacle’ HCS put on an impressive display of gymnastics, singing, comedy and dance. The senior chapel choir won the contest with their brilliant acapella ‘Hallelujah’.

All the children were a credit to the School, working hard and having a lot of fun.