Prep 5 take several steps back in time

On Monday 14th February Prep 5 came to school in medieval dress as part of their current history topic.

After wowing their classes with their fabulous costumes, we headed over to the Astro where Miss Scott taught all of Prep 5 how to dance around a traditional maypole. In the late morning they took part in making some illuminated letters with Mrs Easterbrook which looked fantastic and created some medieval characters on their Surface Go’s in scratch.
Lunch was a particular highlight with the catering department kindly providing Prep 5 with a full medieval banquet. The classes were so excited to see the spread of delicious chicken legs and large chunky carrots. They loved being able to eat an entire meal with their hands.

An afternoon full of adventures

During the afternoon we welcomed Mrs Theobald to the school with her expertise in this field. She kindly brought in lots of artefacts and spoke to the year group about heraldry and showed them some replica weapons which they loved to pass round and feel the weight of. The day was rounded off with mob football and an archery competition under the watchful eye of Mrs Theobald, where the classes learnt the technique and instructions for archery and loved trying to aim at the melon’s head. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mrs Theobald for dedicating her afternoon to teaching Prep 5 all about medieval Britain. We are sure that Monday will be recounted by the children for a long time to come.