All aboard the Golden Hinde

To allow them to become fully immersed in their learning, Prep 5 set sail for London for an overnight visit to the Golden Hinde. With calm seas and a fair wind we arrived at 5pm and were met by the master of the boat who took us for a whirlwind tour of our vessel. We visited the navigator, barber surgeon and gunner to learn the ropes as apprentice seamen.

After a feast of potato stew we went on deck to learn how to fight and defend ourselves before the deck boy cajoled us into deciding that mutiny was something we should consider……that is until the Captain reminded us of what the punishment would be if we did! After this excitement we settled down for the night, sleeping on the gun deck amongst the cannons for a sound night’s sleep.

In the morning it was back to blighty and our treasured creature comforts; while we had enjoyed a wonderful experience we were all relieved we only had to be Tudor sailors for one night!