Prep 4’s Adventure in the Woods

School trips are more than just a break from the classroom routine; they are powerful educational tools that offer students a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in ways that cannot be replicated within the confines of school walls.

Prep 4 had an amazing morning in Macaroni woods last week, in the first of their two Anglo-Saxon adventures. Arriving in the woods, they talked about how they had arrived in this new land and what they would need to create their settlements. Next it was time to get into groups and start work on their shelters. Alongside this they spent time whittling sticks, sawing wood and making terracotta plates.

Incorporating school trips into our Hatherop curriculum is essential for a well-rounded and enriching learning experience. These varied and exciting trips, provide students with real-world learning opportunities, promote social and emotional growth and enhance memory retention. Prep 4 are all ready for their next adventure when they will return to the settlement and their shelters in costume to enjoy more Anglo-Saxon activities!