Prep 3 enjoy some outdoor learning

On a sunny cold winter’s day Prep 3 went to the Leawoods Forest School. We love our outdoor learning sessions and were excited about the activities that Forest school leader, Sue Nixon-Lea, had prepared for us. It was a pleasure to meet our new friend, a puppy called Tally, that like us has been learning how to behave and respect nature.

We were set into groups – that is where we had to show our team skills, which we need to improve. The children went off to build their dens using natural materials from the woods. The competition was on! The den must not just be safe, but also needs to accommodate all the team. It was not an easy task and some of us had to learn and improve team skills, show resilience and respect other children’s opinions.

After all the effort and hard work we had a well-deserved treat. Nothing can beat roasted marshmallows in front of the fire. Some children showed their adventurous side and created S’mores – a marshmallow sandwiched between wholemeal biscuits – a real treat on a cold busy morning.

The children were exploding with brilliant ideas, some dens had even a garden, a fireplace, a driveway and we couldn’t forget about Tally, who had a dog cushion in one of the dens. It has been an amazing experience and Prep 3 can’t wait until summer term, when we can continue our outdoor learning and demonstrate cooperation and imagination in the Forest school.