Prep 2 take a trip back in time

Prep 2 were immersed in the daily life of a Victorian child during their visit to Sevington Victorian School this week. Separated into boys and girls for the day, they lined up, nervously awaiting the cleanliness inspection by Miss Squire, their teacher. Sighs of relief were heard as they all passed and they entered the school room. The children then focused on mastering using an ink pen to write as well as singing a beautiful verse of All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Their explorations continued in the parlour and kitchen discovering the different work that boys and girls were expected to do. An authentic packed lunch was enjoyed in the garden, with many agreeing they appreciated their modern school lunches a lot more. Prep 2 then threw themselves into playing with Victorian toys at lunchtime before having the articles of correction explained to them. They were all so well behaved so were relieved that they didn’t need finger stocks or the cane!