Prep 2 climb the length of the worlds tallest tree

Prep 2 are diving into the exciting world of explorers this term and have been busily studying maps and planning for their very own adventures.

This week, the excited Prep 2’s set off on a coach to Westonbirt Arboretum. Everyone checked that their backpack had their lunch, water bottle and any other vital survival gear for the expedition. Maps at the ready, we split into two groups, walked over the high bridge before beginning our map reading adventures.

Compasses at the ready, the children led their team along woodland paths, communicating with each other about the correct direction to take. After climbing the length of the worlds tallest tree the weary Prep 2’s enjoyed a picnic lunch before setting off for further walking adventures. Everybody had a fabulous day and despite how far we walked not one person said that they had tired legs. A fantastic day out!