Prep 1’s exciting rainforest adventure

Did you know that the poison dart frog is such a bright shade of blue to scare away predators? And that the banana tree has a trunk made of tightly wound leaves to absorb and direct water down to the roots? Prep 1 learned this and much more on a trip to the Living Rainforest near Newbury this week.

When we arrived at the Living Rainforest, we went straight into our ‘Amazing Adaptations’ tour. The tour leaders guided us around the rainforest, showing us all the amazing animals and the different plants that call the rainforest home. They explained how these plants and animals have adapted to life in the rainforest.

We saw a Great Curassow bird called Lenny, who throws his voice making a firework sound to confuse predators, and learnt how green constrictor snakes curl around branches amidst the leaves to camouflage themselves.

After lunch we went back into the rainforest to revisit our favourite animals and explore further. We took clipboards so that we could sketch the different animals and vegetation we saw.

A quick play in the playground and a trip to the gift shop later, it was time to get back on the bus and return to Hatherop. We all had a brilliant day and learnt so much about the rainforest!