Pre Prep Pioneers!


It has been a busy term for Pre Prep with the children on a voyage of discovery taking them all over the world, and beyond! Reception have been to the Moon, the Desert and the North and South Poles on their virtual experience days to learn about the world around them. Prep 1 are thoroughly enjoying their term at Forest School with Ernest Cook Trust and have been exploring using their senses linked to Science They have also been inspired by the poem ‘Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost. Not to be outdone, Prep 2 have been adventuring through a topic on explorers. First by trekking into the school woods on an expedition to map unchartered territory then off to Australia, Tahiti and Hawaii with Captain Cook then The Galapagos Islands with Charles Darwin. We just have Mount Everest with our very own Kenton Cool and Antarctica with Ernest Shackleton to go…phew! Hope we’re all back in time for Christmas!