P4&6 visit the Roman Baths

On Monday 23rd January Prep 4 set out for the Roman Baths in Bath, alongside Prep 6. With the knowledge from previous History lessons on the Romans, all the children were excited to see an authentic Roman Bath House.

On arrival, armed with audio guides, we explored the museum’s extensive area and enjoyed examining the artefacts and remains of the baths. Highlights were meeting and talking to 2 Roman women who lived in the town of Aquae Sulis and who enthralled us with their tales of the latest Roman fashions. Our tour ended with tasting the natural spring water which all the children decided was revolting!

After lunch the children enjoyed an educational workshop based on the theme of Roman Life. The children had the opportunity to design and make their own symmetrical mosaic, explore and handle genuine Roman artefacts from the bath house, and finally, their favourite part was dressing in togas and pretending to be Roman men and women!

All in all this was a highly enjoyable, educational visit that perfectly complimented the History Curriculum in Prep 4.