No pick! No lick! Be careful with that stick!

Prep 2 were very excited for their morning at Forest School as they were heading off in the newly branded school minibus to the new Forest School site Horseshoe Wood.

As it was the first time going to Forest School this year, we started the session with a recap of what had been learnt in Prep 1 to make sure that the children remembered the rules. Everyone was able to recite the rule of Forest School. ‘No pick! No lick! Be careful with that stick!’

We had a brilliant morning exploring the woods and finding key features hidden amongst the trees and plants. The children discovered a bridge and found the fire pit. Having found the features, we then talked about mapping and using maps to find places and landmarks.

In order to familiarise themselves with the wood, the children were each given a collecting basket for a treasure hunt. They had to find 10 different items, including something that could make a sound like the weather, a stick in the shape of a letter and something with a hole in it. Having found their items they went back to base camp and showed what they had found to the whole group, using magnifying glasses to look more closely.

We all had a fantastic time and are looking forward to returning next week to discover more about Horseshoe Wood.