Mr Reed is replaced for the day

On Wednesday, I was able to put my feet up for the day as one lucky child in prep 3 took over as Headteacher. He had a very busy day (every day is busy for Headteachers!) and did a superb job.

He spent the morning co-hosting celebration assembly and then guided prospective parents on a tour. The parents were so impressed with him, that this morning we heard that they have registered their son to join the school. He also led an SLT meeting with Mrs Dawson, Mr Oakden, Mr Bristow and Mrs Lazenby where he discussed what he would like to see on the curriculum and what new activities Hatherop could offer and he had some excellent ideas.

In the afternoon, the new Headmaster wandered around the school visiting classes to see what the children were learning, followed by accompanying me to watch our U11 boys and girls playing cricket. He was very impressed with match tea and enjoyed chatting to parents whilst enjoying a sandwich or two and a brownie! The Headmaster’s final task was to say goodbye to the children at the front door and helping with sign out. The school ran very effectively in Mr Reed’s absence, so much so that Mr Reed was a little nervous about returning to work the next day!