Mr John Bond

Who is Mr Bond?

John Bond is one of our Deputy Headmasters and Head of Academics at Hatherop Castle. He is a Cornish boy and despite promoting a very healthy lifestyle through balanced diet and exercise, he cannot resist a local pasty or pie. He is married and has been an avid rugby supporter of Bath for most of his life. He loves sport and running around with his dog, Hobbes.

Mr Bond’s thoughts on learning

It is reassuring and unsurprising to know that he is passionate about teaching and learning and sees school as a place of learning for both pupils and teachers.  He facilitates that learning within the school and is pleased that his teachers are always looking to improve, try new strategies and seek to engage each child. The needs of the child are an absolute priority, as is the need to spark the interest of every one. He recognises the need to build home and school links and he advises that no parent can ever read enough with their child. The importance of modelling a love of learning is paramount and his own willingness to keep learning and share ideas is vital. He also wants to build the independence and initiative of children to help them lead their own learning.

What changes has he made to Hatherop?

In the short time that Mr Bond has been at Hatherop, we can see the impact he has made and is continuing to make. The appointment of subject leaders is benefiting Mathematics, Science and Modern Foreign Languages and he has a vision for English too. Strong and accountable subject leadership is key to the Hatherop vision for academic excellence. The curriculum review has occurred and changes are now in place.  It is broad, relevant and up to date with the Hatherop Individualised Learning Time (HILT) at its heart. 

What are the results of these changes?

Outcomes for children are clear in terms of skills, knowledge and learning characteristics.  Carefully implemented tracking systems monitor progress and provide timely intervention. Discussions and coaching approaches as well as training are taking place to ensure that teachers hear both positive and negative critique of their lessons and seek to find the spark, energy and contagious enthusiasm which inspires.