Middle School Production – ‘Scheherazade’!


This was an exciting and very busy week for the Middle School as they performed their production of ‘Scheherazade’ on Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon. All the children in Prep 3, 4 and 5 were fully involved in the show; their enthusiasm in rehearsals was outstanding and they clearly enjoyed putting the production together.

Despite having to cope with a complex plot that contained stories within stories within stories, the children were able to tell the tale with clarity, great humour and a real sense of energy. Most impressive of all was the way in which they applied themselves – there was a real willingness to work hard in rehearsals and line learning proved to be no obstacle.

Naturally, such a production requires a lot of co-ordination and a large number of staff gave freely of their own time in order to ensure that the production came together for the children. However, our biggest thanks must go to the children themselves for putting on such a fantastic production