Turns and angles fun in Prep 3 Maths

Turns and Angles Fun

This week Prep 3 have been learning all about turns and right angles. We found that an angle is a measure of a turn. Using analogue clocks, we discovered that a quarter of a turn is a right angle. To practise a variety of turns clockwise and anticlockwise, we played different team games to help us to improve our team-building skills, to help listen to each other, share the ideas and consider others’ opinions.

One of the favourite games was to “Find a treasure”. We had to hide Mr Magician or Teddy bear in the classroom and write the instructions for the opposing team.


But that’s not all, using mathematical vocabulary was a priority, the children were only allowed to direct the others by using their new knowledge. This is where the competition began! To make it a challenge, we used not only different turns, such ¼ of a turn, ½ of a turn and ¾ of a turn but also the opponent had to be fold blinded!

It is a good job that each team had a guide to help them move along the route safely. This lesson was a very fun one and all of the children enjoyed themselves in their learning environment.


Did you know that two right angles make a half of a turn and 3 right angles make three quarters of a turn! Also, we used 2D shapes to create different patterns using turns. Can you spot what type of turn have we used?