Making learning fun

We have been bringing learning to life for Prep 3 & 4 who have been learning about the weather and time and what a fantastic time they have had learning about it all.

We have certainly had a lot of weather this week so it seems entirely appropriate that Prep 3 have been practising describing the weather in French. They prepared and presented ‘la météo’ (which is where we get the word meteorology) describing the weather in lots of different locations- Bravo!

Meanwhile Prep 4 have been practising telling the time in French. This is not so very easy using a wall clock, let alone a human clock! However we had great fun moving arms in place of hands. Quelle heure est -il? One child is showing ‘il est midi’ and another is showing ‘il est deux heures’ (or ‘il est minuit’ and ‘il est quatorze heure’!).