Lights Camera Action!

It has been another successful year in the speech and drama department!

Results from the Vanguard Examinations were impressive.  All forty-seven children passed their examinations with thirty-one of them gaining Distinction and Honours grades.  The Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts was one of the most successful to date. Hatherop students from Prep 4 to Prep 8 won all their duologue acting classes. 

Two Prep 5 competitors were also awarded The Philippa Powell-Tuck Challenge Cup for the overall winner from two classes whilst two Prep 7 competitors were awarded The Enid Jackman Challenge Cup as overall winners from two classes. 

Pre-Prep Production

In December, the Pre-Prep took to the stage in two fantastic Nativity performances.  Nursery and Reception took the lead in ‘Christmas Counts’ with memorable performances from all the children.  Prep 1 and 2 performed ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ a lovely version of the story told from the perspective of a robin’s journey to visit baby Jesus. 

In the Summer, work began on the Pre-Prep version of the Just so Stories inspired by our visit earlier in the year to the Barn Theatre.  The children were so engrossed in the stories and it was great to see the work they produced in the classroom to accompany their amazing performance on stage.

Middle School Production

Prep 3, 4 and 5 worked very hard on their production of ‘Fleeced’ in the Lent term and clearly enjoyed their time on the stage. They quickly got to grips with the story of Jason and his Argonauts and brought a good deal of humour and energy to the performances. Their enthusiasm in rehearsals was never less than total and they deserved every credit for their hard work.

Upper School Production

The Upper School’s production of ‘Midsummer Madness’ was based on the story of Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Updated to the 1960s, the show featured a cast of Rockers, Mods, Hippies, ‘thespians’ and members of the aristocracy, all brilliantly portrayed by our fantastic cast of Prep 6, 7 and 8.

There were many memorable performances given by so many children, all of which showcased their acting and singing talents; the standard was truly exceptional. The children looked fantastic in their period costumes, colourful make-up and authentic hairstyles. This really was a wonderful way to round off a fabulous year of musical theatre at Hatherop Castle.