The Life Education Caravan comes to school

Earlier this week there was great excitement as our old friends Harold, Derek and Kiki brought their caravan into the school car park.

Immediately there was a buzz around the school as the children and staff looked forward to their visit to the Life Education Caravan. This is one of our favourite visits of the year as all the children from Transition to Prep 8 take part in sessions where they learn more about their bodies and how to take care of themselves.

The learning outcomes develop from year to year and build on previous knowledge, supplementing both the P.S.H.E and science curriculums here at school. The sessions, this year, were led by Julie who covered the work with enthusiasm and exuberance, fully involving the children in many exciting and interactive activities.

The caravan itself turns into a magical wonderland of twinkling stars, screens and models all designed to enable the children to relax and participate fully in the sessions. Transition meet Harold, the giraffe, for the first time as he prepares to go to Nursery and finds out the importance of food, water, air and sleep to his health. Harold remains the mainstay of the sessions during the next few years when children learn about personal hygiene, what to do if they are feeling sad, how their behaviour can affect others and the difference between an isolated incidence of unkindness and bullying. Feelings are discussed throughout and the children’s knowledge of body organs and their use develops through the different year groups.

Year 3 meet ‘the brain’ who controls the caravan and learn how their brain controls their own body. Harold and Derek, the penguin, fall out but Kiki teaches them to compromise in their friendships. Relationships form an important part of each session at a level suitable for each age range. As Harold grows he helps the children to see that they are all unique and special in their own way and the difficult decisions they may have to make in order to maintain their health and happiness are explored.

As a school we find the sessions incredibly valuable for all the children especially as there are some fantastic resources which can be used to follow up the sessions in our citizenship lessons. We look forward to seeing Harold and his friends return with their caravan next year.