Life as a Flexi-Boarder

Why do people choose Flexi-Boarding?

According to the Independent Education Consultants, more and more schools are offering the opportunity for day pupils to board on an occasional basis.

For young school children in particular, this can be a very good way of practising staying away from home on one or two nights a week, if parents are considering whether they might be suited to weekly or full-boarding later on. Many children find this a far more exciting option than a babysitter. For parents, it can mean a lie-in without the school run, after a late finishing dinner party too!

21st century modern boarding is about access to a breadth of opportunity, building confidence, leadership skills and independence, learning a sense of community and cultural understanding, as well as full parental involvement through communication and a partnership between school and parents. Far from ‘sending’ their children away to school, parents who ‘choose’ a boarding school education are making a decision to invest in the opportunity to release their child’s full potential.

Thoughts from a current parent at Hatherop

My children love Flexi-Boarding, as do we as parents! The excellent suppers, the activities they do in the evenings and just spending time with their friends. The tuck shop is a particular highlight for them, a midweek treat! Many a time I have collected my daughter and she doesn’t want to come home.  They are also learning new skills, like how to strip and make their beds, an essential part of boarding life!