International Boarding at Hatherop

At Hatherop, we have had the pleasure of teaching, accommodating, and meeting pupils from countries such as China, Spain, Thailand, Italy, France and Uzbekistan. Each of these countries have their own unique customs, traditions, and perspectives. This diversity enhances the learning experience for all pupils and prepares them for an increasingly interconnected world.

The presence of international boarders at Hatherop and within our boarding house, promotes tolerance and empathy among the school community. Through everyday interactions, pupils learn to appreciate and respect differences, leading to a more inclusive and harmonious school environment. These experiences equip pupils with valuable life skills that will serve them well in a diverse and interconnected world.

If a pupil’s English is not strong enough to settle into the school, then we will advise further lessons and support is required before offering a place.  To support this and to provide ‘a taster’ to life in a UK boarding school we welcomed international pupils (aged 7-13) to our International Summer School for the first time this summer.  A fully immersive programme with extensive English lessons, alongside activities and cultural excursions are provided.  If a pupil’s English is not strong enough to be fully immersed in school life, attending a 2–3-week international summer school can be a great stepping stone to joining the school on a more permanent basis.

Hatherop Castle is a close knit, family environment and so pupils forge friendships with peers from around the world, potentially establishing connections that can last a lifetime.