“If music be the food of love, play on.”

Shakespeare Week has been celebrated in many different ways at Hatherop Castle. Walk around the school and you will see many different activities happening and the work of the Bard being celebrated by many.

Prep 4 have had an overview of Shakespeare’s work and have spent the week reading abridged versions of his most popular plays – there has been plenty of discussion about characters, storylines – a great way to introduce these wonderful stories and create an enthusiasm for his work.

Prep 5 have focused on writing cinquain poems – talking about how this formal verse was popular in the 16th and 17th Century, and then creating their own poems in this style.

For Prep 6 the week has been all about Julius Caesar – looking at the historical events behind the play and then a highlight for them all – working in groups to act out a snappy 10-minute play in original language – helping them to see that Shakespeare can be accessible for all. Great fun was had performing their plays to their peers, complete with props and costumes!

Prep 7 have continued with their study of the play Macbeth – again plenty of opportunity for reading of the play, drama and lots of discussion. A particular highlight was acting out Act 2 Scene 3 in small groups – bringing the play to life.

Once again, another busy week in the English Department!