I am a little like a pony. I have four legs; I have pointy ears, Who am I?

In Reception class, our topic this term is “Down on the Farm”. We have been learning all about farm animals, where our food comes from and how farming has changed over time. On Monday 7th June, we spent a wonderful day at Cotswold Farm Park. We started off the day as farm detectives and took part in a “Who am I?” quiz, where the children had to listen carefully to the animal descriptions and then search the animal barns and locate the correct animal and record it on their chart.

“Who will you find in a brooder? I am yellow, fluffy and need to keep warm. Who am I?”

“I am a little like a pony. I have four legs; I have pointy ears and I travelled to Jerusalem with Mary and Joseph. Who am I?”

Following this, we then went for a walk around the paddocks and met the animals on the “Rare Breeds Through History Trail” and learnt lots of interesting facts about the numerous breeds of sheep, goats, cows, pigs, and donkeys. Great fun was had feeding and stroking the animals – the goats certainly enjoyed their food!

Whilst we were having lunch, we were very lucky to catch a glimpse of Adam Henson, the owner of the farm park. He came to meet the children, talked a little bit about the farm to them and they even had their photograph taken too!