How will our Hatherop values guide us through 2021?

It most certainly has been a very strange and chaotic Christmas holiday and end to 2020. Sadly, I think we will be weathering further storms in January as the pandemic takes a slightly different turn. 

Over the past week I have been thinking about how the Hatherop community will cope with another start of term, faced with uncertainty and disruption.  Quite simply, I know we will all pull together and face the challenges as a united front.  We have done it before and we will do it again and knowing this is very reassuring.

So why am I so confident?   Last term I taught the parable of the two builders to Year 3 as part of their RS curriculum. The moral of this story is that if you live your life based on strong foundations and value, you will have the ability to weather any storm and remain standing and become stronger as a result.   Our Hatherop Values are the rock to which we guide and support our pupils and since their introduction in 2018 have become our sign post and foundation in everything we do in school. 

So how have our Hatherop values helped our community remain strong and resilient through the challenges faced? More importantly, how will they support and guide us through the first part of the Lent Term and 2021?  Let me explain….

Happiness:   Mental wellbeing is a key part of ensuring we feel happy in school.  Kindness and compassion are at the forefront of all we do, and this in turn ensures our pupils are happy and safe at school.   With everything going on at the moment, remembering to show kindness and compassion to each other is vital.

Adventure:  Our pupils are taught to show a sense of adventure in all they do.  Stepping outside their comfort zone is important and doing so without fear of making mistakes helps prepare them for whatever change or disruption they are faced with.

Teamwork:  Knowing there is support from all parts of the Hatherop community is a key feature of our education.  Working together to ensure we are all pulling in the same direction is critical when faced with any challenge

Honesty:  Being honest with how you are feeling is something that our pupils are encouraged to do.  This allows for the community to come alongside and support and help when one feels low or anxious and we all feel that from time to time.

Encouragement:  Knowing that there are people who care and want the best is so important when we face challenges.  Our pupils are taught to encourage each other in a positive manner and have the belief that with focused effort and the correct mindset anything can be achieved.

Respect:  This is a hugely important value for the school and at this difficult time showing each other and ourselves respect is critical.  Respecting how this pandemic will affect different people and communities is important and understanding that it is ok to feel a little uncertain and anxious about what is happening, but knowing that the Hatherop community is there to support one another is powerful.

Opportunity:  Our pupils at Hatherop have a range of opportunities available to them both in and out of the classroom and they are taught and encouraged to make the most of all the opportunities offered with the mindset to take a risk and have a go.  While lots of opportunities are currently being restricted at the moment, it is important for our children to still have opportunities to look forward to and enjoy.

Perseverance:  There is no question that the past year has been challenging for everyone, but we must stay positive.  Perseverance is a key skill and characteristic we instil and promote in our pupils and during these times we need to keep moving forwards, not letting the restrictions, challenges and uncertainty get the better of us. 

As we embark on a new year and term we must stay positive knowing that with a vaccine in circulation that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The staff at Hatherop have and will continue to work hard and are committed to ensuring the children are supported and feel as much a sense of normality as possible.   At this moment in time we are not sure what tomorrow will bring but at Hatherop we will continue be resolute and flexible as we navigate our way through the coming weeks.