How we develop resilience at Hatherop

Developing resilience, supporting children to bounce back from mistakes, disappointments and sometimes failures is all part of the learning experience.

However, learning these lessons can be difficult and challenging, but if they can develop strategies, build resilience, courage and determination at this age, they will be far better prepared for what lies ahead. 

Over the past 12 months I have been an avid listener to The High Performance Learning Podcast which is presented by Professor Damian Hughes and Jake Humphries.   This podcast interviews a variety of different people from different walks of life, but who have all become high performing individuals in their chosen field or fields.  In the podcast, the guests share their thoughts on what they feel high performance is and how they have reached the top in their chosen profession.  

In the various episodes of the podcast I have listened to, a common thread is how the guests have had to accept disappointments, frustrations, set backs and failures on their journeys to achieve their goal or simply to improve further.   At Hatherop we strive to create a culture where our pupils can step out of their comfort zone to try something new or perhaps take a risk, but provide the support and sometimes tough love to help them understand the learning adventure and then provide them with the confidence to learn from their experience and then use this experience to better themselves further whether this be in the classroom, on the sports field, on stage or in the art studio. 

Steven Gerrard as part of his interview talked about having the courage to face failure and take the positives from it.  He says:

Failure helps you to become better…. Analyse, reflect and work out how and why….. and go again…

Some of our pupils with support from Mr Williams have had the opportunity to experience first hand in our own Hatherop Positivity Podcast some of the difficulties different guests from chefs to cricketers in reaching their goals and how they remain positive during their careers when they have set backs or disappointments.  Such was the success of the ‘Hatherop Positivity Podcast’ did we then get invited to feature at the end of one of the High Performance Learning episodes.  The pupils certainly had to step out of their comfort zone when being interviewed and put on the spot, but everyone of them responded articulately, confidently and gave super answers to Jake and Damian’s questions.  If you are interested Hatherop feature at the end of Glenn Hoddle’s interview. Click on the audio below to hear their interview.

Hatherop features on the High Performance Podcast