How we are ensuring sport is safe at Hatherop

Despite the current situation, sport has continued to be as engaging, active and competitive as ever at Hatherop.

In the Middle School & Upper School, the children have been divided up into separate bubbles. Each group has use of their own resources and equipment. By doing this, it has allowed the staff to organise middle & upper school competitions and competitive football & hockey leagues. This has temporarily replaced matches against other schools but is still providing the children with something to compete in.

All staff are following the National Governing Body (NGB) guidelines along with social distancing. This is not always straightforward with the younger years but they are quickly learning how to maintain their distance from others through games and activities. Before and after the children head out to games, they are reminded to wash their hands and regular use of hand sanitiser is actively encouraged.

Through abiding by all these safety procedures, sport at Hatherop is continuing to flourish and our children are remaining happy, healthy and very active!