Moving to the ‘Big School’

Every day at the Hatherop Castle Prep School is a learning adventure. Although moving into the Castle from Pre-Prep might feel like a massive step up, our smooth transition program makes certain the children are ready to enter to the world of new adventures, opportunities, challenges, friends, teachers, and learning environments.

Prep 3 marks the start of Preparatory School – a step up in learning and autonomy. For some, this can also mark the start of boarding. Led by our Houseparents, Mr and Mrs Nish, our excellent boarding team provide the children with superb pastoral care and a strong family ethos. The benefits of boarding are endless – helping to develop independence, confidence, and a sense of community to build deeper levels of friendship.

The extensive sport and games programme for all Prep pupils means there is something for everyone. Sport at Hatherop Prep school is all-encompassing – children participate in five lessons of Games and one Physical Education lesson every week. Most excitingly, there is plenty of opportunity for Prep 3 children take part in numerous sports matches and festivals, giving them an opportunity to compete with children from other schools. We pride ourselves on helping children develop a sense of team spirit and camaraderie. Children in the Prep school are encouraged to unearth their passion for sport while discovering what they want to pursue for the rest of their time at Hatherop and beyond.

It would not be a day at Hatherop Prep without an activity or theme to take part in and enjoy. Every term, the children have a Theme Day linked to a topic they have been studying in their Humanities lessons. You never know what period of history or part of the world you may travel to – from the Stone Age, to the Roman empires, to Anglo-Saxon invasions, or even the Australian Outback. The children spend the whole day in costume, enjoying a variety of activities, workshops, and even a themed lunch!

It is impossible not to mention the wide range of activities and hobbies that children can take part in when they move to Prep school. Hobbies run once a week and offer children opportunities or develop their existing skills or learn new ones! The wide range of activities on offer help build our pupils’ confidence in trying new things, enable them to explore new-found hobbies, whilst building relationships along the way. These activities include gymnastics, golf, gardening, Forest School, Lego robotics, and book club. There is something for everyone!

We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful environment around us and we take every opportunity to use it as a key tool within the curriculum. During break time, the children in Prep school can play football on the lawn, enjoy quieter time in the Italian Gardens, explore, build a den in the woodland area, have an adventure in our Tree House, or just read a book on the terrace.

What else could you wish for?