How does boarding at Hatherop develop core life skills?

Independence at a boarding prep school such as Hatherop might be the greatest gift parents can give to their children.

Boarders are required to take responsibility for their actions and choices and, because parents are not there to shield them from the causes and effects of their actions, they will experience both success and failure in a safe and controlled environment with dedicated staff that will always support, champion and have their backs.

At Hatherop, boarders are given the opportunity to manage their own lives and, in this way, become stronger individuals, capable of leadership and initiative. For example, play time in the evenings it is not always organised for the pupils. We create free time when the boarders are expected to manage their own play – making up their own games and rules, building dens and so on. Of course, boarding staff keep an eye on them from a distance but as much as possible we want pupils to develop the ability to manage their own time.

This level of independence and responsibility provided to our Hatherop boarders provides them with an abundance of life skills that will help them as they progress through their adolescent and adult life.