How bonds are nurtured in Pre-School at Hatherop

Building secure relationships with the children in our care at Hatherop Castle Nursery is a vital part of working in Early Years.

Children must feel safe and confident in the setting to enable them to learn and develop effectively. In the Nursery at Hatherop, we actively encourage our children to develop strong bonds with both their peers and teachers and this is carried on throughout the school. This term is an important time in Transition as we get ready for September and our move to Reception.

Recently we have been enjoying our afternoons in the Pre Prep with the Reception teachers and getting to know the rest of the Pre Prep team. These sessions have allowed the children to get familiar with their new surroundings and to meet their new teachers all resulting in an easy transition to Reception in September.

Friendship bonds are also very important to children, having friends boosts happiness, well-being and self-confidence, and promotes a positive outlook on life. These friendships that are established at such an early age provide the children with a sense of belonging, security and comfort when attending school.