How Art calms the mind

As our awareness around mental health continues to expand, art is increasingly being hailed for both its sensory and mindful qualities. At Hatherop, we believe that in our technology-driven world, making time for art is more important than ever.  

However advanced technology becomes, we’ll always need tactile experiences and creative thinkers. Often, children will feel calmer and more relaxed after doing some art. In our current situation, this is vital to maintain their mental health and well being.

Having a specialist art teacher in the school is an enormous benefit for all our children. At Hatherop, art is all about enthusiasm and creating an environment where children can be themselves, and say what they want to say. They know their opinion is valued.

We nurture a lot of discussion around works of art. We also encourage the children to respectfully say what they think of one another’s work too. Adults can find it hard to take critique, but at a young age our pupils are already learning to listen to one another. This teaches them respect and that we all have different points of view.

So, our challenge to you all is to give yourself some time to do some art and share your creations with us. Send a photo of your masterpiece to