Holiday provision, what a great success!

The first week of Holiday Provision has been a big success! The children have been extremely busy right from the start. The beginning of the week saw the children using their creative skills to make beautiful Valentine’s gifts for their families; we baked and decorated Valentine’s cookies, created hand print flower bouquets and made cards, pictures and ‘love bugs’ using a variety of sparkly materials.

The second half of the week has been equally successful as the first. The children thoroughly enjoyed going for a walk in the woods and collecting lots of interesting items along the way. They then had fun sprucing up a pair of old Wellington Boots and used the treasures found on their walk to turn the boots into a house

for ‘The Old Woman who lived in a Shoe’. The remainder of the items have since been used to create and collage beautiful pictures!


The children have particularly enjoyed eating their packed lunches in the Nursery, and comparing treats with their friends! They have engaged in a wide range of activities all week long, including Music, Stories and Colouring, and have all had non-stop fun. “My children have had the most fantastic week” said one parent. We look forward to the Easter holidays when it can all begin again.