Hatherop prepares it’s boarders to become global citizens

Today’s parents are searching for ways to encourage a sense of global citizenship in their child. This means identifying with the world as a whole, rather than just with a specific community, region or country. Our children must understand different viewpoints to thrive in a world that keeps getting smaller, and being a true global citizen with strong cross-cultural communication skills will be key to their future personal, academic and professional success. A school that is culturally diverse will help children develop the skills they need to thrive at university and beyond.

Hatherop Castle School is a traditionally British boarding school with a vibrant, multicultural boarding community and a warm, family feel. Here, we encourage global citizenship by immersing children in an environment where they’re challenged to consider different viewpoints and have mutual respect. By living together, the children naturally absorb new cultures and languages, and create themselves an international network of friends.

For the overseas boarders the attraction is obvious, but getting the right balance is key. Many British parents realise the opportunities provided by multicultural boarding and understand how it prepares their children for working in the modern world. One parent said ‘The world is getting smaller, and the children of today will undoubtedly be working in a global economy with people from all around the world. What better way to give them a head start in this complex and collaborative international working environment than living alongside their potential future overseas colleagues. The benefits are immeasurable.’

When a new boarder arrives at the castle, they are warmly welcomed and introduced to the school routine, which may at first feel unfamiliar to them. If English is not the child’s first language, the EAL (English as an Additional Language) department is here to help. Our specialist staff provide English language tuition in small groups, allowing pupils time to acquire English language skills at their own pace, until they are confident enough to move into their subject lessons.

We believe that excellent pastoral care is central to getting the best boarding experience at Hatherop. Each boarder is part of a family structure that ensures they feel welcome and cared for. Initially, there may be an unsettled time from adapting to a new culture, language difficulties and homesickness, but each of our staff has a deep understanding of these feelings and will take the time to talk to and support them.

There is no doubt that Hatherop boarders develop confidence, independence, respect for others, kindness, integrity and self-discipline. We encourage curiosity, creativity and commitment in an all-inclusive and culturally diverse school environment where every pupil is valued and respected as we strive to become global citizens.