Hatherop Fencing Competition – the Results!

Last Thursday marked the very first Hatherop inter-house fencing tournament. As the popularity of fencing continues to grow, Mr Bromley, Mr Bailey and Mr Reed agreed to three tournaments.

The format is the same for three year groups where two fencers from each house fence against the other two houses. The Prep 4 fencing tournament kicked things off where Edith and Jack represented Bazley, Sophia and Rose represented Fyfe and Hugo and Georgia represented Moorhead. Everyone scored hits and picked up at least one victory so did their house very proud and on a day when six bouts went to the final hit, results would have been very different if the solitary winning hits had gone the other way.

Edith started against Hugo in which was a great first bout going all the way to a one hit decider. Edith has learnt to blend false attacks with a sound defence to disguise her real intention and it was a lightning fast counter parry riposte which gave Bazley their first win. Hers was the performance of the day. Her patiently tenacious style serves her well gaining three wins from four, losing one bout by a solitary hit.

Hugo picked up a victory for Moorhead and scored at least one hit in all his other bouts, with one bout going to the last hit. He fenced with his usual zest not giving his opponents a moment’s rest and should be pleased with his victory and the points he scored.

Sophia put all her efforts into each bout, always scoring hits and securing two wins from her bouts. Her defence is good, and more practice in competitive sparring will help her in future. Her footwork flows more now and her blade movements are more precise. On this occasion her losses were to fencers with a little more experience.

Jack won two from four with well-timed attacks and making his opponents miss by stepping out of range – a tactic that works very well for him and I hope he returns to fencing club in September. Georgia’s was a great display of determined fencing, correctly identifying the fleche as a way to bring quick victories though she needs to vary her tactics more and not over rely on this action. Having said that three victories from four bouts is still a fine return!

Rose proved to be Georgia’s inescapable downfall, as she carefully watched Georgia’s tactics and used them against her – very shrewd thinking. Her sense of timing and defence has greatly improved over the term and more can be expected from her in future. She came tantalising close to two more victories in her bouts, falling at the last hit. Her tenacity and will to keep going will serve her very well as she continues to learn.

All bouts were conducted with great respect and sportsmanship where nobody gave quarter. It was a pleasure to referee and when the final scores came in Bazley finished first, Moorhead second and Fyfe third – very well done everyone!