Hatherop Castle Sports Update

Fencing – continues to flourish at Hatherop Castle

Hatherop has some celebrating to do after the British national fencing championship finals. At this event for each child who gets there, 4 don’t make the cut. Those who finish in the top 8 receive a medal and automatic qualification to next year’s finals.

Hatherop has two medal winners – Emily Campbell 8th in Epee (out of 120 overall competitors) and Amelia Franks 8th in Sabre (out of 100 overall competitors) Noah Goryn fenced all three weapons coming 10th in Epee ( out of 160) 10th in Sabre (again out of 160) and 21 in Foil (out of 200). Simply stunning!

Cricket – a game for everyone

The Pre-Prep have been developing their cricket skills in the last few weeks. I have been particularly impressed with their energy and enthusiasm. The game of cricket is especially challenging, as it demands the ability to perform a number of skills such as; throwing, batting, catching and running. Co-ordination plays a vital part as well. This is often the challenge – but the Pre-Prep are up to it! We look forward to Master i/c of Cricket at Cheltenham College and the Head of Girls’ cricket at Malvern College who are both coming over to Hatherop on Monday 21st May to work with the Prep 4-5 Boys’ and girls’.

Horse Riding

Riding for the Cotswold Vale Farmers PC Junior Novice Team, Finn and Lucas took part in a total of 3 heats, each of 5 races and a final to bring home the United Pack shield for the second year running. Lucas recently participated in the Shetland Pony Grand National at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. What an great experience Lucas Well done!

Nursery Physical Development (PD)

In recent weeks the Nursery have been developing their basic tennis skills. Today we took it one step further and the children tried hitting a forehand over the net – well done Xanthe, a great shot!

U8/9 rounder vs Kitebrook
On Tuesday 15th May, the U8 and U9 girls played rounders against Kitebrook at home. Hatherop started batting first and Minty and Daisy both scored a rounder each. The girls were also awarded half a rounder for 2 no balls leaving their score after the first innings as 2½ rounders. It was then the girls turn to field and they worked so well as a team that Kitebrook were not able to score anything except for ½ a rounder on no balls.
The second innings then started and the girls were determined to win and with more rounders scored by Atia, Clemmie, Ella and Daisy and half rounders from Georgie, Elizabeth and Esme the final score was 9½ to 4. A great win for Hatherop, well done girls!

U11 rounder vs Kitebrook

This match was played as an A and B match with a few girls playing in both games to make a full team. The A team had a great fielding innings and swiftly got the Kitebrook girls out after only 17 good balls, leaving them with a score of 2. We then had a solid batting innings and quickly took the lead, eventually winning 5 ½ – 2.

The B team tried hard during their fielding innings but a few minor errors allowed the Kitebrook girls to score 8 rounders. We worked hard when batting, and despite a valiant effort, particularly from Emily C, we were just unable to catch their score so lost the game 7 – 8.

U13 girls cricket vs Cricklade Manor

On Wednesday 16th May, the U13 girls had their first mini-cricket match against Cricklade Manor. We used this as a training session and the girls were coached throughout the game. At the end of the game, the girls were bowling and batting really well. Bethany even bowled a player out and a few girls scored 6’s. Unfortunately, the girls didn’t win but they had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, well done!