Hatherop Castle is in the Tatler Schools Guide 2019!

The red kites soaring over Hatherop Castle must be coasting on the new buzz in the air with the arrival of Nigel and Jo Reed from Walhampton. Mr Reed is, says a parent, ‘a superb leader’; ‘an injection of fresh thinking and innovation,’ says another. And, goodness, the man has plans: an Astroturf in the walled garden, new dorms, a new timetable (with ‘individualised learning’ slots for each child, to focus on strengths and tackle weaknesses). We had hot chocolate with the school council, who were overflowing with enthusiasm for their school’s friendliness, the music and the improvement in sport since Mr Reed’s arrival. There’s no Saturday school, boarding is full, flexi or weekly, and Londoners can hop on the Cotswold Flyer escorted train service. Anything you’d change, we asked? ‘Mend the swimming pool.’ We’re sure it’s on the list.