Growing up in a castle.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like growing up in a castle? Read an interview with a Prep 4 and 5 child to hear their experiences of boarding at Hatherop Castle.

What is the best bit about boarding?

It is fun being able to be in a castle and we really like being able to go out on our bikes in the evenings when the weather is nice.

What do you get up to at the weekends?

We always go on a trip somewhere, this week we are going to watch Aladdin at the cinema and go-karting. The best trip we have been on is we went to Twickenham Stadium and watch England Vs Japan. England won 35 – 15, that was really fun!

What happens at bedtime?

We all have to get ourselves ready, brush our teeth and hop into bed. We are then allowed 5 minutes of whispers before Mr & Mrs Holmes come and knock on the door and tell us to go to sleep.

Can you tell me what Mr & Mrs Holmes are like?

They are really nice and make sure we are ok all the time. They are strict though if you are a little too cheeky! It is really nice to know we can radio to them in the night if we are worried about something or if someone is keeping us awake.

Are they ever cheeky?

Mr Holmes can sometimes be quite cheeky but we like to play a little trick on him sometimes when we put our teddies on top of the door so when he closes it the teddies sometimes fall on him. We may try that again soon!!

Now, how is the food?

The food is really good in the evenings because there are less of us than in the day so we get more food. We would really like to have more spaghetti Bolognese though as that is our favourite dish!

Finally, If you could ask Mr Reed for anything for the boarders, what would it be?

Hmmm, that is a really tricky one. It is probably quite a silly thing to ask for but it would be amazing if we could have some hover boards, yep that would be great!

It is really good boarding and growing up in a castle, all the other children and teachers are like family to us and it is nice to know they are all here for us. I like being able to tell my friends that I live in a castle.

So there you have it, a cheeky and honest interview from two of our lovely boarders. Life really is one big adventure for them. Look our Mr Reed, the boarders will be flying around the castle in no time!

We have a taster week dedicated to Prep 2 – 6 for them to come along and try our boarding at Hatherop on Monday 17th June until Thursday 20th June. However, if you would like to try out boarding or have a tour of the boarding house at any time please contact Mrs Holmes or Mr Holmes