Good character is not formed in a day

In today’s world, teaching values to our children is more important than ever. From the moment they are born, they are extremely impressionable. They begin to form their opinions and view of the world before they even hit their adolescence. That is why at Hatherop we place a huge amount of importance on our school values of; happiness, ambition, teamwork, honesty, effort, respect, opportunity and perseverance. We know that if our children live by these values, they will leave the school as caring, confident and respectful prep 8s.

Values are both caught and taught

Values are caught by children as much as they are taught—which further emphasizes the fact that we must provide and be a good example for our students. If left without a good foundation of what values and good moral character looks like, it could negatively impact the child’s sense of right from wrong. Simply put, if we expect our youth to respect others, we must also show respect; whatever values you wish to instil, you must be willing to represent yourself.

Teaching purpose and clarity

Without values and respect, children have no sense of purpose and clarity. Not to mention, their ability to think clear and straight will be distorted. By fostering an environment where core values are a focal point, it enables students to logically grabble with the moral life and encourages healthy brain development and growth.

At Hatherop, we have worked hard to ensure these school values are understood, modelled and recognised.  This ensures the children leaving us at the end of their journey at Hatherop are well rounded, polite and confident children with strong core values. All things we know will take them far in the future.