Gifted and Talented Recital Evening

The Recital Evening took place on Friday 27th April in a very full Dr. Moorhead Room. The Recital Evening gives those pupils who are on the Gifted and Talented register for music, a greater platform on which to perform in a more formal environment than the Instrumental Concerts. Each pupil performed several pieces and also spoke very well about the music that they were presenting.

Seven children performed individually and every single one of them did so with great composure, displaying a high level of talent and a real sense of performance. Their level of concentration was exceptionally high and all were able to present their chosen pieces faultlessly. The repertoire was also impressive, ranging from operatic arias through to contemporary musical theatre. The older members of the Junior Choir greatly enjoyed performing with the older pupils and the Senior Chapel Choir sang several songs outstandingly on the evening. The finale of ‘You Raise me Up’, which included all the pupils who had performed, was a very fitting and powerful end to a superb evening’s entertainment.

A huge well done and thank you to every child that took part!