Finding time for prep

Hands up if getting your child to sit down to complete prep can sometimes be a bit of a struggle? Especially if you have been to a pantomime the night before!

For most people, Sunday is a day of rest.  However, for the boarders, with the final exciting last week of the term ahead, Sunday is as focused and action packed as ever.

For Prep five to eight this weekend, Sunday morning (before and after breakfast) is spent writing up and discussing their important book reviews for English. A Christmas Carol, Naught and Crosses, Holes and Henry IV Part 1 & 2 are all hot topics. They certainly are well read.

They have to get this work done, as shopping for frocks and Christmas presents for the forthcoming Christmas party tonight beckons. Boarders work harder than anyone else in the school.

Prep school education is all about preparing children for the next stage and boarding teaches children amongst many things: self-motivation and self-discipline, qualities that were all on show this morning during the voluntary prep session.

However, it is not all work, work, work! As I type this, the girls are anxiously asking for their pocket money to go shopping for tonight’s boarders Christmas party.