Down by the sea!

‘He’s got old ropy legs’

‘She has wild, tatty string hair.’

‘His eyes are dark like the night.’

Prep 2 pupils are using all their linguistic skills to describe Flotsam and Jetsam, the two characters in their new reading book, and are very keen to share their favourite sentences. ‘They created themselves, you see,’ one boy explains, ‘out of stuff that washed up from the sea. That’s why his face is made out of smooth wood.’

This creative literacy work is just part of the new Prep 2 topic, Down by the Sea. The landing between the two classrooms has already been transformed into a seaside space, complete with sand, deck chairs, buckets, shells, and a whole raft of seashore items brought in by the children.

Elsewhere in the curriculum, the children will be exploring the geographic and scientific features of coastal areas, including plant life, food chains and geology.

The walls will soon be bright with seaside artworks, the children will be busy filling each other’s kindness buckets, and even Maths will get the seaside treatment, as children work on multiplication with ice cream scoops!