Don’t worry about pace, concentrate on effort

As with any running event, one of the main goals to running is to prepare the body specifically for the demands of the event or distance.

Like many running races, a fast and frantic start is guaranteed. After this initial burst, the pace generally settles. However, a fast start can pose a huge challenge to the body’s physiology, and often runners pay the price by struggling in the latter stages of the race. In order to best prepare yourself physically for a fast start, it is important to try and replicate this in training. To prepare effectively for any race, children have to teach their body to cope with the demands they place on it.

To start

Try running 2 or 3 x 300-400m efforts or run between 90 to 120 seconds. This is known as ‘Interval Training’.  Once your child is comfortable with running at a sustained effort, the time can gradually increase. Learning to become comfortable when feeling uncomfortable is something that children have to experience when running, especially if they want to compete.

Where can my child practise outside of school?

Junior Park Run (ages 4-14years) is a set distance of 2km (2000m). This event is an excellent way for children to run in a relaxed environment with the challenge of them running to beat their previous ‘best’ time. Why don’t you give it a go – let Mr Bailey know how you get on .

Remember – Don’t Worry About Pace. Worry About Effort. Maximum effort is key.