Do you know how a bee smells?

My my Prep 2 have certainly been very busy little bees!

The day began with the whole of Prep 2 dressed up as bees! This really allowed them to immerse themselves in their Hatherop bee day. This was followed by making some fabulous antennas. Whilst making them the children learnt about how bees smell with their antenna, as they don’t have any noses.

Tessellating shapes was next on the agenda for the day and the properties of hexagons and building hives with Kapla. The focus throughout the day was on teamwork. All the bees worked together in small hive groups on each task.

They finished the day with some acting out of the different bee roles within the hive and performed round and waggle dances. For those of us not in the know, that is a dance that bees use to communicate the location of the sweetest nectar and pollen spots.

It was a thoroughly fantastic day and all the children and teachers were buzzing out of the classroom by the end of the day!