Creative Curriculum

Our newly designed Creative Curriculum gives our Pre-Prep children the confidence to learn and explore. It deepens their understanding and gives transferable ‘skills for life’ that are invaluable to the current generation of children.

How does the Creative Curriculum work?

Key language and numerical skills are taught separately. All other learning is promoted through a carefully chosen topic. The topic is shaped by the interests and questions of the children. This allows them to become fully engaged with their learning. The outcome of this is confident, inquisitive children who persevere with investigative tasks and are able to articulate their learning in a variety of ways.

Rainforest Rangers in Prep 1

Currently, the Stable yard is full of Rainforest rangers developing a love of nature through studying the fascinating world of tropical Rainforests. The buzz of chatter whilst completing their fact files yesterday spoke for itself as the children confidently shared with visitors their favourite facts. Did you know that a sloth’s hairs grow from back to front so the rain drips off while they hang upside down? Or that a bird-eating spider can flick its hairs out to scare off predators? These are just some of the amazing adaptations that Prep 1 are able to articulate and confidently explain.

Prep 2 and the Secret Garden

Our Prep 2s are currently immersed in a world of The Secret Garden. They have just planted out their recently germinated beans in compost. They made the compost themselves in January as part of our ‘Rubbish and Pollution’ STEAM project. This week we have also been conducting various experiments to learn more about the structure of flowering plants. They have used this knowledge to create the most beautiful designs for a brand-new flower. The designs all contain the key features needed for maximum growth and pollination. There are certainly designers of the future amongst this group of gardeners!